>Sunday Stuff You Should Read

>Before the link dump, my one question about the previews for “The Lovely Bones” that plays over and over during the NFL games: Isn’t this movie promoting a stereotype? Why must every forty-year-old man with thick glasses and a thin mustache living alone need be a murder, a pedophile, or both? I’m sure there are plenty of men that make poor eye-wear and facial hair choices who are also perfectly normal, law-abiding citizens. Right? How do you think they’ll feel when their mothers take them to see this movie?

Plus doesn’t the costume choice take away some the suspense in the movie? “Oh, I wonder if the neighbor really killed the girl.” OF COURSE STANLEY TUCCI KILLED HER! HE’S GOT A MUSTACHE! A REALLY THIN, CREEPY MUSTACHE AND THICK, LARGE FRAME GLASSES, BECAUSE “HE SEES THE WORLD DIFFERENTLY THAN THE OTHER CHARACTERS!” HE LOOKS LIKE A SOCIOPATH! He might as well just have “sex offender” tattooed on his forehead, because even that would be more subtle. Peter Jackson could have put Stanley Tucci into a leftover Orc costume and it wouldn’t have been any different – “Oh look, that character is clearly evil because he looks like a creepy pedophile/Uruk-Hai.”

And now your Sunday Afternoon link dump:

First, the greatest flow chart in the history of flow charts.

SI has a good look at the legal ramifications of Carlos Beltran’s knee-thing.

Dave Cameron get in on Beltrania.

The Mets came to terms with some guy named “John Maine.” 

Someone calculated Charlie Brown’s win-loss record. It’s not as bad as you might think. Maybe it is.

No Beltran + Injury Plagued Pagan = Maybe Jerry Hairston Jr.? Or not?


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