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Infinite Sadness


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This Says It All

If the Cardinals lose this series, does this image of Tony La Russa become the iconic moment? In ten years, will we be talking about “that World Series when the Cardinals lost because they couldn’t get the right guy up in the bullpen”? Needless to say, this series has been a theatre of the amazing and the absurd so far; I picked the Rangers in six, so I’ll be pulling for them tomorrow night.

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Jose Reyes’ Hits at Citi Field

Graphics master Justin Bopp, over at Beyond the Box Score, charted Jose Reyes’ singles, double, triples and home runs hit at Citi Field this season onto this cool looking graphic. Might I recommend heading over there to see the full image, along with a handful of others from the series.

The World Series has been great so far, but we’re running slow on Mets news. Might be a slow week around here, though maybe we should enjoy it. Jose Reyes rumor hysteria is about a week away. I’m sure we’ll all be sick of it soon enough.

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The Mets Make the Playoffs …

… if the playoffs were decided by highest payroll. Click on the image to see the full chart.

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Mark Teixeira: Mr. Personality

Besides Jeff Francoeur, the most amusing thing left in the playoffs seems to be Mark Teixeira’s face:

So many caption possibilities.

Every time I see him come to the plate, I am reminded of Robert Shaw’s monologue from Jaws: “He’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living…”

Image via Big League Stew


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Saturday, October 2

“When that bottom line comes on every five minutes, and your name is on it, it’s nice to have someone tell you what’s going on.”

– Jerry Manuel today, about meeting with Jeff Wilpon yesterday

An all Cuban-born pitching matchup today, Raul Valdes for the Mets going up against Yunesky Maya for the Nationals. This is my last game of the season — and it’s been an awful, disappointing, embarrassing one for the Mets.

I’m going to miss them anyway. Is it spring training yet?

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Friday Night, October

The tarp is off the field, and tens of people are here to see October baseball.

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Shaq Crashes Wedding

Shaq wandered into the wedding ceremony of Kristen and Wes Schifone at the Four Seasons in downtown Boston, much to the delight of the newlyweds. Shaq didn’t show off his epic moves on the dance floor, nor did he spit out some serious rhymes with the band, but it was a memorable visit to say the least.

This is all kinds of awesome. Click here for the full story and all the pictures. My favorite photo is the one above for a) Shaq with the bridesmaids and b) the guy in the background who is so psyched because SHAQ JUST SHOWED UP AT THE WEDDING. (h/t to Ball Don’t Lie)


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MLB Teams as Faces

What I’ve done for today’s ‘Wednesday Graph’ is to take 10 statistics —
wOBA, K%, BB/K, AVG, OBP, ISO, Speed Score, BABIP, BB%, and FIP — and
create Chernoff faces for every major league team. I’ll also note here,
to avoid any confusion, that the BB% and K% statistics are based on
offense and not pitching.

Looking at MLB teams this way is certainly interesting — Or maybe it’s just kind of trippy. The Mets look like a child who was just told their dog ran away, which I think is entirely appropriate for the way this season has gone. The Rangers just found out they acquired Jeff Francoeur. The Rays look like Lucas Duda.

All 30 teams and the full explanation for the faces can be found here.

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Mastering the Knuckleball

This is just one of the many charts in a cool look at R.A. Dickey’s knuckleball from Beyond the Box Score. The article compares Dickey’s knuckler to Tim Wakefield’s, and answers why Dickey has been more successful this season. As you can see above, his ability to change speeds with the pitch probably has something to do with it. Check it out if you’re into heat maps.

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