Thole did get knocked in the head

“Consider that since he returned from a concussion earlier this year-and that wasn’t his first one-Thole is hitting .240/.294/.285 in 196 plate appearances. It is easily his worst stretch since he started the 2011 season hitting .207/.280/.241 in his first 122 plate appearances. So it isn’t unprecedented, but it also argues against Thole having developed any, and leaves open the uneasy possibility that the concussions have taken their toll.”

– Howard Megdal, The LoHud Mets Blog

Right. Duh. I never really put the two together, but as Megdal points out, Thole has struggled with the bat since his concussion earlier this season. Other good stuff about the Mets catching situation over there.



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2 responses to “Thole did get knocked in the head

  1. I feel like concussions are s much more serious (at least when it comes to affecting performance) than people give them credit for.

    • Which is why it’s not totally unheard of for Jason Bay, another 6 months removed from his concussions, to be better next year. slim, perhaps, but worth holding him on the roster until April?

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