Should Valdespin play left field?

Poll question. The Mets have a handful of young left-handed hitters: Mike Baxter, Jordany Valdespin, Lucas Duda, and Kirk Nieuwenhuis. Nieuwenhuis is on the Triple-A disabled list and Lucas Duda, though healthy, has also been exiled to Buffalo, leaving Valdespin and Baxter to patrol the Mets’ outfield corners. So here’s what I want to know:[poll id=”11″]



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6 responses to “Should Valdespin play left field?

  1. I said yes, but there isn’t anyone else on the roster I would want to play CF besides Torres. So save for a few games in CF, yes LF everyday.

    Yes so Bay can’t play ever again is also an acceptable answer, imo 🙂

  2. In a perfect world, Valdespin would be in AAA working on his plate discipline, but as it is, I voted “yes” he should be playing every day.

  3. No, Duda should be recalled and he should be the lefthand half of a platoon with Bay.

    Duda needs to either be a piece of the puzzle for the Mets or dealt elsewhere to (presumably) play first or DH.

    Torres is on a one-year deal and, good as he’s been lately, has done too little too late to think about bringing him back. He should find a comfortable spot on the bench and have a nice long sit. May as well see if Valdespin is the real deal in center (which I doubt) either for keeps or as a showcase. Next year, it should go to the winner of a competition among Nieuwenhuis, Den Dekker and/or whoever the Mets scrounge off the discard heap.

    • I was under the impression that we had arbitration control of Torres for next season, which was one reason we traded away Pagan, who can go free agent, to get him.

      • you are correct, Torres is arbitration eligible next year.

      • They have the right to go to arbitration with Torres, but why would they exercise it? He’s an inconsistent, underperforming, player who relies on aging legs and who’s done too little too late this year. The Mets aren’t obligated to him for 2013, so non-tender him, IMHO.

        They could get the same production for league minimum from multiple guys who might blossom into something more. And if they don’t, nothing lost.

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