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Hey, how about some links before I post some Mets stuff later.

Dave Cameron (Fangraphs, not UK) has a post over on Fangraphs about Hanley Ramirez’s potential trade value:

The primary issue with trading Ramirez is that he simply hasn’t been very good for a couple of years now. Since the start of last season, he’s hit just .245/.328/.405 in 776 plate appearances, good for a .323 wOBA that puts him in the same class of hitter as guys like Jeff Francoeur, Bobby Abreu, and Johnny Damon. That’s a far cry from the .393 wOBA he posted from 2006 to 2010, when he was on the same level as Mark Teixeira, Jim Thome, and Ryan Braun.

I’d like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that the Marlins TRADED FOR CARLOS LEE just a few weeks ago. They are now in full fire-sale mode and maybe looking to trade away everyone signed to a long-term contract. After trading FOR CARLOS LESS. In terms of first-year-in-new-stadium seasons, is this better or worse than the 2009 Mets season?

Anyway, you should read Cameron’s piece because he’s better than anyone at gauging a player’s value in an informative and easily-digested manner. Really. You can print out the blog post, eat it, and a few hours later your digestive tract will mail you a hand-written thank you note.

Second link: There’s a really long, non-hagiographical, and generally awesome profile of Bruce Springsteen on the New Yorker’s website:

Springsteen arrived and greeted everyone with a quick hello and his distinctive cackle. He is five-nine and walks with a rolling rodeo gait. When he takes in something new—a visitor, a thought, a passing car in the distance—his eyes narrow, as if in hard light, and his lower jaw protrudes a bit. His hairline is receding, and, if one had to guess, he has, over the years, in the face of high-def scrutiny and the fight against time, enjoined the expensive attentions of cosmetic and dental practitioners. He remains dispiritingly handsome, preposterously fit. (“He has practically the same waist size as when I met him, when we were fifteen,” says Steve Van Zandt, who does not.) Some of this has to do with his abstemious inclinations; Van Zandt says Springsteen is “the only guy I know—I think the only guy I know at all—who never did drugs.”

Love the Boss. The Mets’ sky is falling, and more on that later. For now calm yourself with some Jungleland.

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  1. The Marlins did a nice job of getting rid of some overpaid position players, pending free agents, and getting back young team controlled big league ready starting pitchers. As much fun as it is to poke fun at the Marlins they did a slick job here.
    Could we steal their GM this winter?

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