Nice job, Cyclones

Thursday night was Williamsburg Night for the Brooklyn Cyclones, the Mets’ lovable Minor League team. Among the promised attractions: food vouchers for bearded fans, a postgame running of the bases for anyone wearing skinny jeans, and a shuttle bus from hipster ground zero. The evening started at Full Circle Bar, a Skee-Ball dive on Havemeyer. Twenty-five bucks bought you a beer, a hot dog, a ticket, and a ride. Thirty minutes before departure, a few dozen people milled in the bar. None drank PBR. Budweiser — the Fourth of July–edition can — was ascendant.

– Chadwick Matlin, “This Is Not a Beard: Scenes From the Brooklyn Cyclones’ ‘Williamsburg Night’”
NY Mag

How did I miss this event! Entertaining read from Mr. Matlin, who discovers what counts as a true beard and that hipsters never admit to being hipsters.

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