Hey, let’s see what Ryan Howard is up to . . .

Oh my. To be fair, that’s a bad picture and Howard doesn’t look that spacious in videos here. But still, my goodness.


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5 responses to “Hey, let’s see what Ryan Howard is up to . . .

  1. “…spacious.”

    Love it.

    I guess they caught him on his bad side.

  2. What’s he up to? I’d say about 330-340.

  3. “Hey Ryan, someone stuffed balloons in your shi… I mean lookin’ great Ryan!”

    He was listed around 240… but then again, David Ortiz is listed at 230.
    I’d say he’s gotta be close to 300 pounds, maybe more.

  4. To be fair, that faux-retro seventies-style Blue Claws uni does him no favors. Kind of a sweet uniform, tho. Hope Lakewood keeps it.

  5. I thought the mismatched cleats had to be his personal Phillies set, but the 1B coach is wearing them too. Way to go halfway with the alt unis.

    Oh and I’d say Ryan Howard is up to about 280.

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