Who Should Pitch the Ninth Inning?

Frank Francisco disappointed in a pair of save chances over the weekend, and the Marlins defeated the Mets in both games. Francisco’s ERA is 8.56,  though his strikeout rate is fine, his walk and home run rates are up only slightly, as is his FIP. All things considered — or, because this is the internet, very few things considered — whom would you want pitching in the ninth inning if tonight’s Mets game is close? The only options are relievers on the Mets’ current roster, because you’d all vote for R.A. Dickey if I put him as an option.

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8 responses to “Who Should Pitch the Ninth Inning?

  1. I’m starting my campaign for Elvin Ramirez early

  2. “because you’d all vote for R.A. Dickey if I put him as an option.”

    Hahaha, yup.

  3. I’ll tell you one thing, I didn’t like how the game turned out but I like that TC is willing to replace the closer before the game is officially over. The concept that the closer stays in the game until the game is over (or the lead is forfeit) doesn’t make a lot of sense to me. Managers are willing to pull any other reliever if its clear they don’t have their stuff that day and do it often. Why should the 9th inning be any different?

  4. Problem is, even if you fix the 9th inning with Parnell, which isn’t a given, whatever inning Frankie pitches could still be a problem.

  5. Ok. Who voted for Carrasco.

  6. ss

    There’s really no reason Dickey can’t close AND start every day. Actually. Why don’t they just cut all their other pitchers and just let Dickey pitch every inning? I see nothing wrong with this scenario.

  7. Rauch and Parnell for me, no need to put it all on one guy. Ramirez will continue to have to pitch high leverage innings as needed. The three of them should be able to handle all of the close and lead 8th and 9th innings.
    Finding a spot for Francisco is the tricky part, most of those innings Parnell has been pitching would put Francisco to sleep and end up being a 3 spot.
    Accosta and Byrdak should continue to be used the way they have been, except putting Accosta in when the closer is about to blow the lead, that made no sense.

  8. Call up Billy Wagner and see if he wants to pull an Andy Pettite. (Relax, I’m just kidding…)

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