Link Synergy!

Two links to pass along from “The Mets bullpen is awful” day on the internet:

1. Ted Berg responded to an email from reader-and-presumed-person Brian, asking Ted about the team-wide effects of Frank Francisco’s blown saves.

2. Toby Hyde wrote a lengthy post  about the Mets’ options (or lack of such) for fixing the bullpen. Not to give away the ending, but he concludes that the best course of action may be holding steady and waiting for the good pitchers to pitch well. Also there’s a picture of Frank Francisco rocking a sweet business suit.

I’m looking forward to “Miguel Batista is awesome?” day on the internet tomorrow. Hugs and kisses everyone.


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2 responses to “Link Synergy!

  1. Miguel Batista is awesome and people should stop asking for Harvey to take his place, at least for five days.

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