Rate Daniel Murphy’s Defense

Over at Amazin’ Avenue, James K. continues his season without defensive metrics and asks your opinion on Daniel Murphy’s defense. His only request is that you avoid looking at defensive statistics before making your evaluation.  So, all of you, go vote on Murphy’s defense at second base, if only because I’m curious about the consensus.


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3 responses to “Rate Daniel Murphy’s Defense

  1. He’s looked nifty around the bag at times, but his range is almost non-existent. His quick progress around the bag and avoiding contact there has been a pleasant surprise, but I wouldn’t have thought he was that much of a statue. Below average range sure, but it needs to improve a bit for him to really be considered there long term.
    The whole playing him real close to the middle might be part of the problem, they might look into over-shifting his positioning more to help things out.

    • Patrick Flood

      Yeah, the positioning is interesting. They seem to play him reaaaaaaly close to the bag in double play situations, and he’s given up a handful of hits in the 3-4 hole that way.

  2. I live how the third comment says “fangraphs agrees…he’s been pretty awful” so much for no defensive metrics.

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