Upcoming: Three Notes

Just as a warning:

1. I plan to live-blog tomorrow afternoon’s game (12:10 start time). So check in here to read along, comment, lurk, and so on. I figure I should maybe announce these live blogs a day in advanced, so ya’ll know to look for the before the fact, instead of just after.

2. I’ll be on the road for a few days next week, and am yet unsure how that will affect things around here. An Ohio friend will be playing for the Roswell Invaders of the Pecos League this spring, and I’m going to make the road trip out with him. I’ll fly to Ohio on Tuesday, make the drive from Columbus, Ohio to Roswell, New Mexico, then fly back from Roswell on Sunday. The trip will be tangentially baseball related, but don’t be surprised if PatrickFloodBlog temporarily becomes RoswellBlog. Or Waffle House blog. Something like that.

3. R.A. Dickey post about R.A. Dickey is upcoming.

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