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Passing along some links while I work on a Spring Training writeup. First, Bill James:

Which is an unfair thing to say; they have complex political philosophies, both of them, and they have microphones because somebody figured out that you could make a lot of money by combining a sophisticated political philosophy with oral flatulence. But I was reminiscing about the good old days, when men were men and high school girls didn’t have nipple rings, and you knew who the heavyweight boxing champion of the world was — even the high school girls did — because there was only one at a time and he was a big deal.

– Bill James, “Prisoner’s Dilemma”

Bill James is kind of a weird guy, right?

Looking for an idea, Mets training staff? Put your players in a freezing chamber:

Players, while standing, rotate every 30 seconds. Bursts of gas blow from the interior sides of the unit to surround the player’s body, starting out at minus-166 degrees and quickly cooling to between minus-256 and minus-274. The machine is capable of dipping to minus-320.

The hyper-cold temperature shocks the body, sending it into “survival mode,” Suns head athletic trainer Aaron Nelson said. The immune system prompts blood to rush away from the extremities to protect the vital organs in the player’s core, where the blood is oxygen- and nutrient-enriched. Once the three minutes in the chamber ends, the body relaxes from the stress and sends the enriched blood to areas it is needed, such as fatigued muscles.

– Paul Coro, “Phoenix Suns Love a Big Chill in Cryosauna”
The Arizona Republic

Cool. The Phoenix Suns’ training staff is supposedly the best in the business, so if they like something, it’s probably worth checking out. Good article, but I have many unanswered questions. What happens if you get stuck in the chamber? Do the players mess around with the cryosauna, flash freezing food and liquids when no one else is around? If you microwaved a Hot Pocket then stuck it in the cryosauna, would the middle of the Hot Pocket still be the surface temperature of the sun even if the outside gets refrozen? I need a follow-up report on this.

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