Reassurance from Jon Rauch

I honestly feel that they’re going to be competitive

– Jon Rauch, to Anthony DiComo of

The Mets should put that quote on promotional material. It reads as if Rauch is trying so hard to be positive, but the use of the third-person plural “they’re” instead of the first-person “we’re,” and that he felt the need to thrown an “honestly” in there, probably betrays his real feelings.


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6 responses to “Reassurance from Jon Rauch

  1. Ant

    The most Jon Rauch has to be looking forward to is pitching well enough to be traded to a contender by mid-July

  2. Ant

    Heck, let’s sign Edwin Jackson too. We could end up getting Colby Rasmus

  3. Their chances to be competitive would have been a bit better had they not signed Rauch for 3.5 and used that money to go after a catcher or another starter…

  4. “Seriously guys I believe they’ve got a shot at this thing, no kidding.”

  5. This is an awesome quote. It’s approximately how I feel as well…

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