Some Things I Read Yesterday

I think we’re far enough into the offseason to dip into the Sports Illustrated Vault:

“I never thought I would have an argument,” Bill Veeck says. “I was always secure in the knowledge that when I owned the St. Louis Browns, I had the worst. Now it’s different. You can say anything you want, but don’t you dare say my Brownies were this bad. I’ll prove it to you. There are still a few Browns in the major leagues and this is nine years later. How many Mets do you think are going to be around even two years from now? I’m being soft here. I haven’t even mentioned my midget, Eddie Gaedel.”

– Jimmy Breslin, “Worst Baseball Team Ever”
Sports Illustrated, August 1962

Breslin recounts the struggles of the 1962 Mets for Sports Illustrated. If you’ve got the time, and like dark humor, it’s worth going back through all the articles about the 1962 and 1963 Mets in the SI Vault. But this is the definitive account, one Breslin later expanded into a book.

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