According to one high-ranking team insider, the Mets are open to a second stint in Flushing for the free agent outfielder, and have discussed Chavez — albeit in a very informal and preliminary way — with agent Peter Greenberg. Although there have not yet been any serious talks or negotiations, Mets brass considers Chavez a fit for the 2012 roster. It remains to be seen whether the sides will agree on Chavez’s value.

New York Daily News

I’m 85% sure this isn’t a real story as much as it is the reporting of a possible story — e.g., “high-ranking team insider,” “Mets are open to,” and “have discussed Chavez — albeit in a very informal and preliminary way” all appear in one sentence. Regardless: Endy Chavez! I have no interest in thinking about this in any way other than an emotional one. I much prefer replaying catches and game-winning drag bunts in my head instead of looking up Chavez’s UZR in this case.

Also, has anyone else realized that David Wright is now the only player from the 2006 postseason roster Mets still with the team today? And Mike Pelfrey and Wright are the only two holdovers to the present who saw any playing time in 2006? Five years.


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2 responses to “Endy!

  1. I was in attendance, sitting in the infield along the 1B line, for the game winning drag bunt.

    I don’t know what the metrics say but my eyes and heart tell me that Endy is a worthy member of the 25 man roster on a 2012 Mets team that’s likely to lose more games than it wins.

    Someone to cheer wildly and drunkenly for in late innings while on one hand enjoying the moment and on the other looking forward to the future, one that likely won’t include him.

  2. My mom wants to marry Endy, and all I have to do is kill my dad.…

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