Mostly Mets, Episode 500

Or Episode 18, or something. I might have miscounted. It’s a half-hour version this week, so apologies if you want more/you’re welcome if you don’t. The iTunes link is here — please rate and subscribe if you enjoy — and the embedded player is below:

1:00 Other Reyes suitors
7:00 John Axford belongs in a Civil War re-enactment (talking about this picture.)
22:00 Wally Backman: Through him, can we know all things?
24:00 Nature vs. Nurture in baseball and player development.
32:00 Where’s the mindblowing beauty?


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One response to “Mostly Mets, Episode 500

  1. “Where’s the mindblowing beauty?”

    Obviously you’re not getting enough Dickey.

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