Does This Count?

“Talk surfaced of switching David Wright from third base to left field – although the move, considered to help find a spot for Daniel Murphy’s bat, was squashed almost as soon as it arose,” writes Steve Popper in an article for the Bergen Record.

MetsBlog, Earlier Today

Ongoing: David Wright rebounds to hit .305/.395/.545, but fields .940 and posts a UZR of -12. The Mets discuss moving him off third base, only to realize immediately they don’t have anywhere to stick him. Wright is eventually moved to left field when Jason Bay’s contract expires after 2013; Daniel Murphy becomes the everyday third baseman.

Me, here, last week

I don’t know if this counts. I said this would happen in the future, but it reportedly has already happened in the past and only came to light today. Close enough? Or would this only count if and when the Mets really do move Wright to left field and Murphy to third base?



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2 responses to “Does This Count?

  1. That would be a dumb move. I understand that u need Murphy’s bat in the line-up, but it’s not worth moving Wright 2 left. Perhaps they made need 2 trade Murphy 4 a #2-#3 established pitcher.

    • Patrick Flood

      I don’t think any team would give up a good starting pitcher for a good but position-less hitter coming off a major knee injury.

      I’m fascinated by the combination of perfect punctuation and chat-speak in that comment, by the way.

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