Who Loves Yu

Yu Darvish, a very good and fairly young Japanese pitcher, is looking to pitch for an MLB team in America next season. Eno Sarris, over on the most Amazin’ of Avenues, takes a look at Darvish and asks whether the Mets should be that team. That is, if the Mets should be the team to woo Darvish. (The short answer: “No.”) But if you’d like to know some more about who Darvish, and the longer version of the no answer, click your way over there.


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2 responses to “Who Loves Yu

  1. No, No, NO!!!!

    With the exception of Hideo Nomo for 2 or 3 years when he first came to the Dodgers, no atarting pitcher who moved from the Japanese league to the MLB has been anything but a journeyman flameout. See, e.g., Irabu and Dice-K, boht of whom were considered dominant in Japan. The same applies to power hitters who move from there to here, like the two Matsuis, one of whom translated from “Godzilla” to a doubles hitter and the other of whom simply wilted (on the rother side of the coin, there’s a reason Puffy Rhodes was their Babe Ruth). Players here are bigger and stronger, and what passes for power there doen;t cut it here. On the other hand, guys like Ishiro, with more subtle skills and a great work ethic, can successful in the MLB.

    • Not necessarily true…Hiroki Kuroda has quietly been very good over here (because he’s often ignored due to his pedestrian W/L record since the Dodgers never seem to score any runs for him). If he wasn’t likely going back to Japan, I’d love for the Mets to make a play for him.

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