Latest Mostly Mets Podcast

Newest Mostly Mets Podcast. iTunes link is here.

The rundown:
0:00 – Hello
1:00 – The Jason Stark Report on Reyes
– A brief digression with vitriol for the Phillies
14:00 – A Second Baseman for the Mets in a Reyes-filled world and projecting Ruben Tejada
28:00 – Tim Byrdak is re-signed
30:00 – Gazing jealously at the Braves’ bullpen; does Robert Carson = Jonny Venters?
45:00 – Ted Plays Optimist on 2012
1:03:00 – The Gnats get within one strike of a championship, minor league team nicknames and bugs


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2 responses to “Latest Mostly Mets Podcast

  1. FYI, my subscription to the podcast doesnt seem to be updating properly. Dunno if its just me or everyone else. Looking forward to hearing it though.

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