Going to the Citi

I’ll be heading down to Citi Field later today to catch the Mets against the Nationals in some serious September baseball. I’m not going to wear any cap, just to be sure MLB doesn’t come and take it away.

Anyway, possible upcoming posts around here include:

– David Wright, Bobby Parnell and the clutch
– Weirdos in baseball and life
– Star Wars Night at Citi Field
– A new Mostly Mets Podcast
– A closer look Angel Pagan’s defense

And that’s all I got for now. I will crowdsource this trip to Citi Field, however — if anyone has any particular question they’d like me to ask a Mets player today, I’m all ears for suggestions. Comment or email if you got one.


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3 responses to “Going to the Citi

  1. Here’s a question – Will MLB be on the look out for inconsistant stitching in official on field hats?

    • Patrick Flood

      Don’t even have to ask — any player who knowingly or unknowingly wears a hat that varies in any way from the official on-field version will be tasered and dragged off by security.

      • To be fair MLB did not get a court order forcing ESPN to pixelate David Wrights hat in the dugout. They took the more noble approach of sending in Torre’s Fashion Police.

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