Sandy Alderson and . . .

It only took me three months and a hurricane to finally do this. If you find any I missed, send them along and I’ll add them:

Sandy Alderson and his staff
Sandy Alderson and his management team
Sandy Alderson and his front office team
Sandy Alderson and his deputies
Sandy Alderson and his contingent
Sandy Alderson and his brain trust
Sandy Alderson and his loyal foot soldiers
Sandy Alderson and his minions
Sandy Alderson and his number crunching cavalry
Sandy Alderson and his lieutenants
Sandy Alderson and his Fantasy Front Office
Sandy Alderson and his crew
Sandy Alderson and his associates
Sandy Alderson and his think tankers
Sandy Alderson and his superstar front office
Sandy Alderson and his “Moneyball” pals
Sandy Alderson and his regime
Sandy Alderson and his performance-based front office
Sandy Alderson and his government group
Sandy Alderson and his wingmen
Sandy Alderson and his All Star Band of front office folks
Sandy Alderson and his Dream Team Front office
Sandy Alderson and his whiz kids
Sandy Alderson and his gang
Sandy Alderson and his cohorts
Sandy Alderson and his Nerd Herd
Sandy Alderson and his pocket full of organizational wizards
Sandy Alderson and his cast of familiar faces
Sandy Alderson and his three assistants
Sandy Alderson and his Moneyball lieutenants
Sandy Alderson and his posse
Sandy Alderson and his A-Team of baseball acolytes
Sandy Alderson and his statistically savvy deputies
Sandy Alderson and his high profile front office
Sandy Alderson and his underlings
Sandy Alderson and his Merry Men
Sandy Alderson and the Mets’ braintrust
Sandy Alderson and the Metsecutives
Sandy Alderson and the Mets’ front office meanies
Sandy Alderson and the baseball ops team
Sandy Alderson and his chess club
Professor Alderson and his school for gifted sabermutants
Sandy Alderson and his Dream team of genuis lieutenants
Sandy Alderson and his right-hand men
Sandy Alderson and his band of vanguard evaluators
Sandy Alderson and his personally chosen top aides
Sandy Alderson & Co
Sandy Alderson and his ragtag crew of superannuated wunderkinden

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22 responses to “Sandy Alderson and . . .

  1. I prefer: Sandy Alderson and his minions

  2. Sandy and the demolishion crew. wipe out the underdesirable over inflated contracts that was left by Omar Minaya.

  3. Is Sandy considered the Mets Obi Won .

  4. I call him Captain A. I see him as the super hero captain america. Marine, no nonsense, fighting evil. I see him in the captain america uniform with the A on his mask standing for Alderson.

  5. The Wilpons still own the team, right? So what does it matter who the GM is? Different face, same crap. The shimmer from this most recent brand overhaul will fade more quickly than the last one.

  6. How about “Patrick Flood’s Jerk Off Material”?

    • Patrick Flood

      How about “Patrick Flood and the Really Mean Internet Commenter”?

      • By gushing that Sandy A. knows all, it follows that everyone else is some sort of idiot. Sandy has never distinguished himself as any sort of genius. He’s actually been fairly mediocre outside of one steroid fueled championship. The other two geeks have been outright failures in other organizations. Still, you want us to believe all others are idiots. Who is being mean now?

      • Patrick Flood

        Okay, this post here is a list of all the nicknames various news sources have used for Sandy Alderson and members of the Mets’ front office. As such, this particular post is neither pro-or-anti Alderson — it’s just a list of nicknames other places have used. A bunch of them happen to be positive, yeah, but a decent number are sarcastic as well. So I assure you that any “gushing” on my part that you seem to think you see here has been read into this post by you.

        Also, the Oakland A’s went 1200-1164 (.508%) in 15 seasons under Alderson, going to three World Series and four ALCS. That doesn’t seem all that mediocre to me.

        But . . . if you want to say Sandy Alderson is a terrible GM anyway, cool, whatever, go ahead. But please keep it civil, and please do it on a more related post.

      • 36 games over .500 in 15 seasons? Sounds pretty weak to me. What did he do in S.D.? NOTHING ! I watched him penny pinch the Padres right out of contention.I love what he’s done so far with the Mets, but I’m not sold on him yet.

      • Agreed. If barely over .500 isn’t “mediocre” then I am curious what your definition of the term might be.

        Though, you are a Mets fan so you may deem .500 as spectacular.

        Under .500 seems to be defined as an accomplishment by the drooling saberdoodles who can’t get enough of the “great job” done by King Sandy and the Aldertwins.

      • Once again, three WS appearances and four in the ALCS are not mediocre.

        What standard are you using?

      • “By gushing that Sandy A. knows it all, it follows that everyone else is some sort of idiot.”

        You know nothing about logic; no, it does not follow. You’re setting up a straw man.

        And where was Patrick gushing about anything? Are you sure you’re commenting in the correct column?

  7. I definitely prefer the Nerd Herd.

  8. iz

    All the fired X-GMS trying to win without money and without roids.

  9. Wow. Where did all the mongos come from? Metsmerized?


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