Carlos Beltran Traded

Everyone is reporting to the San Francisco Giants, though no one seems to know what the exact return will be. I’ll have more on this later, but for now, let’s just let the dust settle. If you want to know more about the Giants’ farm system, check out Toby Hyde’s write up from today. El Esta Aqui forever.

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  1. “Yeah, but: Brian Sabean.”

    You were wise to reckon on Sabean’s gambling instincts. It looks like the Mets picked up the Giants’ best pitching prospect, a righty named Zack Wheeler, whom San Fran took sixth overall two years ago. He’s pitching high-A ball. 2-1 K/BB ratio, about 10 K per nine IP, plus heater, still working on his command.

    It looks like a good deal from here, though nobody will be sure about it for three years or so. Beltran may have been worth two more wins this year, and perhaps 10-12 over the next three or four years.

    Mike Pelfrey’s best seasons have been worth about three wins a year to the Mets, so from that POV, Wheeler has to match Pelf’s best season four or five times in his Met career to “break even” in terms of raw, unadjusted wins. That would put him somewhere between Steve Traschel (8 WAR in his three best Mets years) and Rick Reed (19 WAR in five Mets seasons). And if you want to daydream a bit, a pleasant ceiling to consider is David Cone.

    Since the Mets might otherwise have gotten zero compensation for Beltran, and accounting for the money spent (the Mets picked up $4 million of Carlos’ remaining salary), the break-even is much lower. So yeah – I think this was a smart move for the Mets.

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