Mostly Mets Podcast: Episode 3

Remember last week when I was like, “Hey, don’t you want to hear Toby Hyde and myself talk about the Mets in a Podcast”? And you were all, “Yeah, totally, but I wish Ted Berg would join them and make an SNY blog trio.”

Well, today is your lucky day. Possibly. Maybe you’ll drop a $5 dollar bill down a sewer grate later and then today won’t be so lucky anymore. But for right now, all your podcast dreams can come true. Episode 3 of the Mostly Mets Podcast is above, featuring Toby Hyde of, Ted Berg of, and me of here. We talk giving big money to Jose Reyes, using K-Rod in non-save situations, and what David Wright’s impending return means for the Mets’ infield. You can subscribe here, and I think we’re hoping to get on iTunes at some point. But check it out. We’ll love you forever. Maybe.

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