Someone Probably Should Have Called for it

The Mets announced today that Ike Davis’ ankle is not healing as expected, and if the progress isn’t satisfactory in a few weeks, he could have season-ending microfracture surgery. Sayeth’s Anthony DiComo:

An MRI taken Wednesday revealed no improvement of the bone bruise in his ankle. Davis will continue to rehab the joint for the next three weeks, at which point the Mets will reevaluate the first baseman and determine whether or not he will need to undergo season-ending surgery.

Here’s what I want to know: How on earth did that play, in the above video, turn into this. A third baseman — who shouldn’t have even been on the field because he had a broken back — ends his first baseman’s season by bumping into him on an infield fly. Freak injuries happen, I guess, but still — as freak injuries go, this is pretty freaky.

EDIT: Greatest video still ever. It looks like Davis is dragging a tantrum-throwing Wright away from a candy store.

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  1. IMO that was Pelfrey’s fault he should had been policing the traffic and he just stood there.

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