One of my favorites still. By the way, I re-found this in a closet a year ago and have it on my wall now:

Check out how jacked cartoon Alfonzo’s forearms are. This pennant can’t be more than 10 or 12 years old, and it’s already hilariously dated. There’s no way anyone could sell something like this today without steroid jokes.


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2 responses to “Fonzi!

  1. made my day. this is based off absolutely nothing but i see shades of fonzi in ruben tejada..i hope young ruben can continue to develop with the bat and become this generation’s fonzi-type met. he certainly has the defensive skills, situational awareness, and (from what we’ve seen thus far in his short career) the mental makeup to be successful in the major leagues. anyways, this might be a silly question but do you think the mets would ever consider retiring fonzis number?

    • Patrick Flood

      I don’t see them retiring Fonzi’s number. Keith Hernandez had great years with the Mets and is a borderline HOF guy, but they still haven’t retired his. Same for Gooden and Strawberry and so on. If none of those guys can get their numbers retired, I don’t see it happening for Alfonzo. I do figure they retire Piazza eventually, but that may be it.

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