Jose Reyes Hitting Triples

If you haven’t noticed already, MLB now allows video highlights to be embedded (after a few days have passed). I love this. It’s taking everything in my willpower to not just go video crazy here. I would be even happier if we could YouTube things: Check out this KnickerBlogger post explaining “Seven Seconds or Less” with video and imagine the possibilities for baseball. A post examining the hand path of major league hitters? Mechanical analysis of pitcher’s motions? Someone breaking down what Jose Bautista is doing differently? We can’t quite do that yet, but at least this is a start. Anyway, let me use this as an excuse to post a whole bunch of videos of Jose Reyes’ triples from this season (after the jump):

May 6:

May 8:

May 29:

June 4:

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One response to “Jose Reyes Hitting Triples

  1. I watch these and it makes me smile. That’s what Jose does – make you smile; make you love the game; make you feel like a little kid willing your hero to keep burning up the bases. A thing of beauty. Pray to any deity you can think of that we can find the money to keep him.
    And then ask yourself, if he’s the third best shortstop in the National League (All Star, I’m looking at you here!) – how good to the top two have to be?

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