DePo on Promoting Pitching Prospects

ESPN-New York’s Adam Rubin talked with Paul DePodesta, Mets VP of Player Development, about the system’s young pitching prospects and their possible promotions to the big leagues. Good stuff, and generally refreshing considering the way such things were handled around here before. You can read the whole thing here.


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3 responses to “DePo on Promoting Pitching Prospects

  1. That approach, had it been taken last season, might have spared Jenrry Mejia from Tommy John surgery. I don’t know for certain that Jerry Manuel’s insistence on putting him in the bullpen last year as a 20 year old (and Omar Minaya’s allowing it) had anything to do with his MCL tearing this year. But, last season, after wasting him in the ML ‘pen, he went back to AA and left his 2nd start there with a shoulder injury. Then, when he came back to the Mets he lasted 3 starts before another injury. Had he been allowed to remain in AA all year as a starter, where he could work on his secondary pitches, maybe those injuries never happen. And by extension, possibly the MCL tear doesn’t happen.

    I know, hindsight is 20-20 after the fact. No use crying over spilled milk, as they say. But I do believe he was completely mishandled in 2010 which at the least led to his injuries last year. It is refreshing to hear of a more sensible and well thought out approach to player development from our new front office though. That bodes well for guys like Harvey, Familia, Urbina, and other pitching prospects no doubt!

  2. Sorry but Mejia it not staring pitcher. He look liked Closer. Because hes way to pitch. I like Dylon Gee. He it perfect for the rotation.

  3. Jay

    This DePodesta interview is just the latest example of the positive change effected by the mighty wind that’s blown thrown the Mets front office.

    Thank God for the model trains. If they hadn’t had the model trains they wouldn’t have got the idea for the big trains.

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