Josh Thole: Worst Defensive Backstop

Beyond the Box Score released their early season defensive numbers for catchers today, and Josh Thole ranks dead last. BtBS breaks up the numbers for each catcher based on errors, passed balls/wild pitches, and stolen bases/caught stealings. They then compares those marks against the average for all catchers, and changes the results into runs. Thole finishes last in both the passed balls/wild pitches category, as well as last in the caught stealing category (though his passed ball lead may be somewhat overstated for R.A. Dickey related reasons). By their count, Thole’s defense has cost the Mets an estimated 4.4 runs, the worst mark in the majors by almost a full run. Ronny Paulino is ranked 10th despite his relative lack of playing time, and Mike Nickeas sits at 44th. You can see all the rankings here.

Yeah, it’s been a brutal early season for Thole. He’s also hitting .239/.294/.283 through yesterday.

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