Toby Hyde on the 2B Competition

I think sometime back in December, I wrote that Luis Castillo was probably going to be the Opening Day second baseman. I’ve been secretly rooting for that scenario since then, just so I could toot my own horn.

But, as Toby Hyde points out in the above post, Castillo isn’t likely to contribute to the Mets past 2011, so they might as well release him now. Better to see what they have in Murphy, Emaus, or Turner, who could be long term solutions, or at least part of the plan past this season.

So my new prediction for the Opening Day second baseman is the lefthanded hitting Murphy, if only because the pitcher the Mets will face on OD, Josh Johnson, is a righty.

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One response to “Toby Hyde on the 2B Competition

  1. So it was written… and so it was done. Good call by Toby.

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