Brian Wilson’s Beard Stops Traffic

Like the headline says: Brian Wilson’s beard stops traffic, even among professional baseball players.

The MLB network was playing on a TV in the clubhouse earlier this morning, and a segment on the Giants’ hirsute closer came on. It was like a bomb went off. A hairy, hairy bomb. A hush fell over the room. All traffic stopped as everyone gathered about the televisions to marvel.

Ever enthused catcher Mike Nickeas declared, “That’s awesome!”

Bullpen coach Jon Debus thought differently. “That’s embarrassing,” he grumbled as he approached the crowd around the television, and then made his way over to talk to Nickeas about today’s game.

As a few players debated whether or not Wilson’s beard was dyed, Jason Pridie, who sports impressive facial growth of his own, walked by and remarked that Wilson “looks like Captain Blackbeard.”

So things are lighthearted this morning. I talked to a couple of players about baseball related things, so expect eventual write-ups later on in the week. But for now, just beard stories.

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