Jody Gerut Retires

Outfielder Jody Gerut, who had been in camp with the Seattle Mariners, announced his retirement from baseball today and thus officially began his second career as a Mets trivia answer.

As you probably recall, Gerut, then a member of the San Diego Padres, was the first batter in Citi Field history back in April of 2009. Drilling Mike Pelfrey’s third pitch of the game into the right field foul pole — causing a man behind me to exclaim, “Oh, you’ve gotta be [expletive] kidding me.” — Gerut will forever have the first hit, home run, run, and RBI in the history of Citi Field.

In retrospect, that home run marked the moment the Omar Minaya Mets went from promising-if-disappointing to the unmitigated napalmfest that is still smoking. Pelfrey would later fall down on the mound in the same game, Pedro Feliciano would balk in the winning run, and 2009 was on. But it was Jody Gerut who foreshadowed it all.

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  1. Reading this, I was about to say, “I must’ve been sitting behind you” but then I realized that I was probably among thousands who said some variation of the same thing. Good times.

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