Top 50 Mets, #30-21

Gathering the next ten into a list. Lots of center fielders:


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2 responses to “Top 50 Mets, #30-21

  1. I would have to see your entire list, but at first glance, Gary Carter would be ranked much higher than what you have him listed. Howver, these lists are always fun because fans get to put their spin on how they see the players ranked (and what they value).

    • Patrick Flood

      I think I explain my position in the post about Carter, but the short version:

      Carter had one great season (85), one good season (86), and then three poor seasons with the Mets. Two good seasons aren’t enough to get him any higher, as plenty of other Mets have had at least two good seasons. Carter is well loved, but he doesn’t deserve to be any higher.

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