Excellent, non-ironic use of the word “scion.” I see three possibilities here:

1. The Wilpons have had some crummy luck recently. Sometimes the best of us get trapped in a Ponzi scheme; sometimes the best of us get trapped twice.

2. Alternatively, they’re just really, really bad at recognizing Ponzi schemes.

3. These sort of schemes are way more common than I would have thought, and if you dug through any prominent investor’s history, you would find a couple of mistakes like these.



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8 responses to “PonziBuddy

  1. or…

    4. Wilpon and Katz are willing to work with the sketchiest elements of the investment industry as long as they are promised high enough returns.


    5. The investment industry as a whole is so sketchy that hucksters like Madoff are hardly distinguishable from “legitimate” firms.


  2. That is interesting…a new bobo like poster.

    Patty do you have a new alter-ego?

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