BtBS: Bunting

Lucas Apostoleris of Beyond the Box Scores looks at some bunt statistics, and concludes that Angel Pagan and Jose Reyes were two of the most efficient bunters in the game in 2010. He also notes that Luis Castillo bunts a lot, but presumably not as efficiently. Castillo’s first inning bunts when Reyes is on first base drive me nuts every single time Slappy drops one down.

These recent Mets have featured a large number of speedy bunters. Reyes, Pagan, Castillo, Endy Chavez, Carlos Gomez, and probably some that I’ve missed. I wonder if that changes with the new FO.

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  1. Yeah, that wasn’t slappy dropping them down, it was Jerry Manuel. I remember becoming damn near suicidal (exaggeration) when Jerry would have Pagan bunt with Reyes on base. Big inning over. Pagan hits one in the gap and you have the makings of a big inning. I don’t care about bunting for a hit. It keeps the defense honest, like passing on first down. I do care immensely about sacrifice bunting. Hardly ever acceptable. May be in the 9th inning of a 0-0 game with Roy Halladay pitching.

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