Royals Review and Carl Crawford

I figured I’d point everyone towards this weird little story that’s unfolding.

Three days ago, Royals Review, a popular Royals blog, posted a story entitled “Carl Crawford to Open Antiquarian Bookstore in Boston.” Here’s an excerpt:

While Crawford’s new financial security plays a role in his decision to open his store now, location plays a still more vital role.

“I’m a Houston guy, always will be, and I had a blast in Tampa. However, those really weren’t the places for this side of my dream,”
Crawford said.

“It’s not only that most of the old archives, private libraries, research collections, and book dealers in seventeenth century books are on the East Coast… there’s also the spirit in the air. Sure, you can run a great bookstore in Tampa. Yea, there’s a strip mall out on the highway to Orlando that’s perfect,” Crawford said, laughing.

And so on. Good stuff. Anyway, last night, the real Carl Crawford posted this on Twitter:

Yup, that happened. A while before that tweet was published, Crawford asked his followers what they were doing, and responded to a whole bunch of tweets. I assume, in the process, he was asked about his love of seventeenth century books by a handful of internet-folk. So he went with it. Fiction becomes reality, and all that. A professional athlete responds to and confirms an Onion-like post about himself from a Royals blog. This is why the internet exists everyone. Use it wisely. (Hat tip to Sam Page for retweeting Crawford.)

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