Best Beatles Album

Just testing something out. Also, polls about frivolous things are fun. So vote for your favorite Beatles album:

[poll id=”2″]


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10 responses to “Best Beatles Album

  1. Jay

    This is sort of like asking me to pick my favorite child.

    For purposes of your test I voted but 10 albums are now pissed at me.

  2. It’s so obviously Abbey Road.

  3. How does Please Please Me have negative 1%? I don’t mean it in the way of it being a public travesty; I mean it in the way of it being mathematically impossible.

    • Patrick Flood

      I have wondered this also. I *think* this poll has everything add up to 100% no matter what. Giving Please Please Me — which has 0 votes — a -1% makes the totals add up to 100%, even if that makes no actual sense.

      • I think the poll has calculated Please Please Me’s value vs. any album you could pick up in the $3.99 rack and determined it to be -1% below replacement.


      • Patrick Flood

        I’m shocked no one has voted for Please Please Me. It’s opener and closer are two of the best early Beatles songs. Beatles for Sale is clearly the only replacement level Beatles album.

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