Fernando Martinez vs Cory Vaughn

Just a quick point about the Mets’ farm system: Outfielder Fernando Martinez, at age 21, hit .253/.317/.455 for Triiple-A Buffalo last season. Outfielder Cory Vaughn, at age 21, hit .307/.396/.557 for Low-A Brooklyn last season.

I know most Mets fans who follow their minor league system get sick of hearing how young Fernando Martinez is, but I think it is worth pointing out that he was the age of most college juniors last season. Imagine if the Mets had plucked Cory Vaughn out college and stuck him directly into Triple-A. And then imagine that Vaughn managed to hold his own and post a slugging percentage of .455 … well, I think that would be impressive. That’s basically what Martinez did last season.

So remember that 2011 would be his senior year of college — F! has at least two more seasons in Triple-A before we can declare his prospect-hood deceased. He hasn’t figured out plate discipline, and the arthritis doesn’t help, but if he seems disappointing already, it’s only because the previous administration told us things would be all thunder and lightening for Martinez at this point. But that was the previous regime, and they had no idea what they were talking about with regards to anything. Martinez hasn’t succeeded, but he hasn’t really failed either. He still has time, and that’s all that matters.

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One response to “Fernando Martinez vs Cory Vaughn

  1. He just needs to get healthy. If he were to play full seasons, even with the numbers he had last year, I’d be fine. I’d understand that he was “only a college junior”

    but I don’t see many college juniors with arthritic knees. that’s what worries me.

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