Berg on the Angry Manager and Angry Fans

There seem to have been two types of Mets fans for the past two weeks. On one side, there were the fans who reasonably trusted that the new think tank would pick the best manager. On the other, there were the mindless, slobbering, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals who clumsily pushed for Wally Backman with their hairy, over-sized primate hands. Both positions were equally valid. I simply happened to fall into the first group.

That said, Terry Collins is probably the most difficult choice for the fanbase as a whole. He has some of the personal drawbacks of Backman, only without the same cult of personality around him. He has experience, but most of it involved late season collapses and clubhouse tension. He was possibly the least popular choice the Mets could have made.

This, of course, won’t stop people from interpreting it as the Wilpons meddling. The Mets pick the least popular candidate, but still get bashed because Collins and Sandy Koufax and a Wilpon are all buddy-buddy-buddy.

But I’m going to stick with trusting Alderson and Co. until they prove me wrong. I’ll assume they know more about picking managers than I do.

I’ll have more thoughts on Collins tomorrow or Wednesday, probably after the press conference.

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