Talking Wally Backman on The Baseball Show

One correction:

I misspoke. Wally Backman’s Brooklyn Cyclones team was “only” second in the New York-Penn league in bunts this season. They were six bunts behind the club that bunted most, but 21 bunts ahead of the club that bunted third most. It was his 2004 Lancaster JetHawks* that bunted 27 more times than any other team, and his 2003 Birmingham Barons that bunted 19 more times than anyone else. It’s actually the caught stealing that is more alarming, as his teams are routinely first in caught stealing and somewhere in the middle in steals.

Second correction: It’s JetHawks, not JayHawks, as I originally wrote and someone lovingly pointed out in the comments. I have no idea what a  JetHawk is.


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13 responses to “Talking Wally Backman on The Baseball Show

  1. You failed to a mention winning persentage of .680 or doesn’t that matter? You see when you bunt more, the opposition has to play for the bunt even more. When you can steal at anytime, the infield tends to cheat toward the bag an open the defense. Now if you play base to base like an 8 year old, you never get caught stealing, which to some is a good thing, at least it is to 8 year olds.

    • Patrick Flood

      Well, the Mets load their Brooklyn team every season with college talent. That doesn’t discount his success, but it’s certainly not all Backman. His minor league winning percentage is .540%, which is good.

      But Brooklyn was first in home runs, OPS, and ERA. How much is Wally, and how much is good players? The Cyclones had the oldest batters in the league, and the second oldest pitchers.

      Anyway, as arguing for someone based on winning percentages, I’ll offer this: Willie Randolph had a .544% winning percentage with the Mets (second highest in team history.)

  2. Lancaster JETHawks. If you’re going to pretend to deal in facts, at least get the team names correct.

    And what’s wrong with bunting and stealing? How many rings does the Moneyball gang have?

    Answer: One ring. And that was in 1989 when the A’s had a huge payroll and lots and lots of steroids.

    Same goes for Theo Epstein. So your premise is tainted.

    By the way, Matt Cerrone called. He wants his WordPress template back.

  3. Jim

    Jose Oquendo has the least managerial experience of any candidate currently being considered, not Wally.

    • Patrick Flood

      Oquendo has coached at the major league level for 12 seasons, in addition to two seasons managing at A-ball level. I think that makes him more qualified.

  4. The Mets need a N.Y personality as Manager, none of the candidates come close to wally. I don’t care about experience because how many years did Ozzie Guillien manage before he was hired by the White Sox? None. How long did it take hime to win a world series? less than 3 years. How many years did the current Toronto Blue jays manager have before he was hired this year? none! How many of these candidates played in front of 40,000 fans in N.Y and on the greatest stage of baseball, World series? Are you serious about the bunting issue? check your averages, higher percentage of getting a runner home from second base with one out or from third with one out. I’m all for moving the runner over and utilizing the hit and run. The Mets need to bring excitement back to Queens.
    Backman has played under a few good managers which he has learned a great deal. I say give him a one year contract, with an option year and give the guy a shot. You speak about past troubles, are you without mistakes in your life? Give Wally a shot!
    And Patrick Flood, why do you think Oquendo has 12 years as an assistant coach and never managed in the bigs? Because baseball is a small circle and they know who can and can’t manage. The problem with Wally is one arguement at home and DUI, there are a few managers that are still working after getting caught doing the same thing and from Texas still using cocaine. Give Wally a shot, he’s earned it!

  5. No offense, but it’s obvious you don’t want him as the manager and in that entire interview you didn’t have a good thing so say about him.

    Even your responses on here are striking. Instead of responding the question about his .680 winning percentage being a good thing, you compare it to Willie Randolph. What does one half to do with the other? By the way, Willie’s team made the playoffs, didn’t they?

    You also said this “Anyway, nothing is WRONG with bunting and stealing, if done correctly. Wally Backman himself says as much in the video. The problem is that he doesn’t do it correctly. Moderation is the key here.”

    So let me understand this. His bunting and stealing were done wrong, he didn’t practice moderation and yet his team won 68% of the games and made the playoffs? You think maybe it’s you that don’t understand how it’s done correctly?

    Please tell us what the other “experienced” candidates have done? How many championships have they won?

  6. Patrick, why do I have the feeling that you’re responding to a single disgruntled reader? Surely not EVERY single person seeing this feels strongly enough to comment and say the exact same thing?

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