Fangraphs: Mets Hire Sandy Alderson

Just to tack this on, based on the team’s runs scored and runs allowed, their record should have been more like 81-81 than 79-83.

This is a good point by R.J. Anderson: The Mets played almost .500 baseball with a lot of really, really terrible players on the roster. They also got down years out of Wright, Reyes, and Beltran, and didn’t have Johan Santana for the final month. They don’t have a lot of financial wiggle room this offseason, but it also shouldn’t take that much to make this team competitive. Removing Francoeur, Jacobs, Matthews Jr., Oliver Perez, John Maine, and Cora will help. Getting decent years out of Wright-Reyes-Beltran and Jason Bay would also improve the team. They need pitching, but the lineup is decent as is. It won’t take that much to play meaningful September baseball.

I don’t even know if Alderson needs to make good decisions for the Mets to be competitive in 2011. I think simply not making bad ones could be enough.

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One response to “Fangraphs: Mets Hire Sandy Alderson

  1. Tack on a few more runs and maybe they made the playloffs in 2007 and 08. Who knows? As constucted this team is awful and has been awful for 2 yrs+. Jayson Bay has a back loaded contract, KRod’s option is easily attainable for 18MM in 2012. Sprinkle in Santana making 20MM a year coming off another surgery, this won’t be easy.

    I think you can live with it for next year. But as a fan,I want significant changes. These is a ton of dead weight, hopefully Sandy Alderson will be the Biggest Loser.

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