Mark Teixeira: Mr. Personality

Besides Jeff Francoeur, the most amusing thing left in the playoffs seems to be Mark Teixeira’s face:

So many caption possibilities.

Every time I see him come to the plate, I am reminded of Robert Shaw’s monologue from Jaws: “He’s got lifeless eyes. Black eyes. Like a doll’s eyes. When he comes at ya, doesn’t seem to be living…”

Image via Big League Stew


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3 responses to “Mark Teixeira: Mr. Personality

  1. The more I watch Cliff Lee pitch in the playoffs, Flushing just makes perfect sense. I know they are facing tons of tough rebuilding decisions but CL would be perfect. He can beat all of the Mets potential rivals. With Santana no longer an ace, he would be the perfect fit.

    • Patrick Flood

      This is exactly why I’d make an awful GM. I KNOW that signing Cliff Lee is a bad idea. I know this. The Mets need to rebuild, and signing a starting pitcher to a large, long-term contract is the opposite of that.

      Still, if I were GM, I’d have trouble not signing Lee just so I could watch him pitch every five days.

  2. I totally agree that it’s time to rebuild. I also would like to see a post from you about next season roster position by position. That said just because you are rebuilding doesn’t mean CL can’t be in the conversation.

    The Mets are definitely a few seasons away from being championship contenders. The Mets don’t have the Yankees resources where they can outspend their mistakes. That has been a sad reality for all of Mets fans the last 15 years.

    I am not qualified as a GM. But a few tweaks and a concrete plan can get this team back to the top again. The last few years the Mets have had a really horrible bench. I believe a successful team has players on the bench who possess power and defense. Rick Ankiel would be a perfect low cost 4th outfielder who has a gun, and has power in the clutch.

    I have a lot more thoughts on the offseason, and this is not necessarily the proper forum. But I will mention I like Orland Cabrera at 2b or SS if the mets decide to trade Reyes.

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