Reasons to Keep Watching

James K at Amazin’ Avenue pretty much nails every reason to keep watching the Mets this season, though I would add my own favorite reason, “the possibility of seeing some really, really bad baseball.”

Mets-Pirates next week? I couldn’t be more excited — and there’s no sarcasm being conveyed here. Two young, bad, poorly run teams battling out in meaningless September games actually gets me excited. Maybe there’s something about seeing highly paid athletes comically failing on the highest stage that makes me more comfortable with my own failures, but I find myself attracted to bad baseball like a fly to a bug zapper. I want to see errors, missed bases, Oliver Perez facing Lastings Milledge, the whole thing.

So, if you’re into bad baseball, that’s one more reason on top of the ones James lists to keep watching the Mets.

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