Shaq Crashes Wedding

Shaq wandered into the wedding ceremony of Kristen and Wes Schifone at the Four Seasons in downtown Boston, much to the delight of the newlyweds. Shaq didn’t show off his epic moves on the dance floor, nor did he spit out some serious rhymes with the band, but it was a memorable visit to say the least.

This is all kinds of awesome. Click here for the full story and all the pictures. My favorite photo is the one above for a) Shaq with the bridesmaids and b) the guy in the background who is so psyched because SHAQ JUST SHOWED UP AT THE WEDDING. (h/t to Ball Don’t Lie)


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6 responses to “Shaq Crashes Wedding

  1. Absolutely love your writing and I kinda feel bad that you don’t have any comments. So there. I fixed it!

    • Patrick Flood

      Did I just get a pity comment?

      • Its just that I and probably others are used to checking your site about once a week or so for columns, when you put up material on a daily basis it’ll look a little bare until your readership catches up. Once you get added to the SNY blogs link on the top of the rest of the SNY blogs, I’ll bet your readership skyrockets.

      • Patrick Flood

        Correct in all counts, I think. Metsblog added me to their blog list two days ago and hits went way up.

        I also had trouble moving the RSS feed, and I think some readers haven’t gotten back here yet. But you’re one of the readers I recognize, so I’m glad you made it.

    • Patrick Flood

      But thanks.

  2. Just found my way to your site. Glad to see that you’re around. Have only one comment about this post: ENTER PUNCH LINE HERE!

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