Ike Davis on Strike Three

Rant: Hey, Ike? That pitch on the outside corner? Right. It’s technically not a strike; big league umpires almost always call it that way. They set up over the inside shoulder of the catcher so that they can call the inside corner accurately, but the outside corner becomes stretched as they aren’t directly over it. So that pitch off the plate becomes a strike. Umpires have been doing this for as long as I’ve watched baseball — which admittedly isn’t that long — but it’s about as long as you, Ike, have been watching baseball. So maybe get used to it being a strike and stop pouting.

And: end rant.

One more thing, actually: Davis might want to consider investing in eyedrops or something, because it always looks like he’s got sand in his eye when he’s hitting. That can’t help.

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