2010 Fan Scouting Reports

Tom Tango runs something called a “Fan Scouting Report” every year, and it’s time to vote again.

The idea behind the fan scouting reports is this:

“Baseball’s fans are very perceptive. Take a large group of them, and they can pick out the final standings with the best of them. They can forecast the performance of players as well as those guys with rather sophisticated forecasting engines. Bill James, in one of his later Abstracts, had the fans vote in for the ranking of the best to worst players by position. And they did a darn good job.”

So if you watched the Mets this season and you like giving your opinion on things, you can vote here.


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2 responses to “2010 Fan Scouting Reports

  1. If the fans are so perceptive, why are the All-Star selections so absurd each year?

    • Patrick Flood

      Wow. That’s a great point I wish I thought of first. You should email Tom Tango with that to see what he says. Actually, I might just email him with that to see what he says.

      I guess we’re going to assume that the sort of fan who would vote in a “fan scouting report” isn’t the sort of fan who votes mindlessly for All-Stars. But I’m just rationalizing now. I don’t have a good answer.

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