Fourth of July Links

>Fourth of July, the mid-way point around baseball, and everyone hates K-Rod. Summer. Links:

– First, I haven’t self plugged in a while. You can follow me on Twitter, or “like” the Facebook page. (“Like” is a verb in that sentence.)We can social network! Or whatever it’s called.

Sports Stuff

– 25 years ago today, the Mets played THE fourth of July game, complete with the least impressive cycle ever and early morning fireworks. (Daily News)

– Inside the pickoff play that ended Friday night’s Mets game. (New York Times)

– Toby Hyde says everything that probably needs to be said about the Mets trading for Cliff Lee. (Mets Minor League Blog)

– Josh Johnson has overtaken Ubaldo Jiminez as the pitcher to rave about in the National League. (Beyond the Box Score)

– Watch this video about Mariano Rivera’s cutter. Unbelievable. (New York Times)

– Basketball-Reference’s blog is actually pretty awesome. Here’s a statistical look at how losing LeBron James would turn the Cavs into something more closely resembling Cankles. (Basketball Reference)

Sharks or Dinosaurs, and then something else:

– Large dinosaurs used geothermal heat to keep their eggs warm. (Discover)

– Snoop Dogg attempted to rent Liechtenstein. As in, the entire country. For a music video. The reason he couldn’t? He didn’t give them enough notice. (BoomBox)

– It’s Independence Day. We will not go quietly into the night! We will not vanish without a fight! We’re going to live on! We’re going to survive!

Okay, enjoy your 4th — but for me, this boardwalk life’s through. You oughta quit this scene, too:


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