Sunday Links

>The Mets still have the third best record in the NL. I have no idea what to say . . . so here are links instead.


– Johan Santana is not as good as he used to be. Nobody panic, nobody panic . . .  Everyone panic! (New York Times)

– The R.A. Dickey refutes that he is, in fact, a nerd. (Ted Berg)

Ron Weasley Prince Harry threw out the first pitch at Citi Field yesterday. Sadly, due to being a ginger kid, he expired moments later from exposure. (Daily News)

– Jesus Felicano is rooting for the Marlins interim manager, and David Wright may be booed in Puerto Rico. (ESPN New York)

– A whole lot of Wally Backman being crazy, or perhaps just being Wally Backman. (MetsToday)

– Baseball Reference uses a different WAR formula for pitchers than Fangraphs. Here’s a look at the differences. (Beyond the Box Score)

– Chris Carter never got his home run ball back. (NY Times)

– The Dodgers made some base running mistakes the other night. It’s probably all Rhianna’s fault . . . does anyone else ever wonder if the song “Rude Boy” is about Matt Kemp? (Memories of Kevin Malone)

Sharks or Dinosaurs, and something else:

This showed up in my Google reader, and is presented without comment. (NotCot)

– Also, this is too weird not to pass along. Some guy has a nipple on the bottom of his foot (with pictures). The foot is that of a man, and the link is to a science website, so I assume it’s all safe for work, depending on where you work. What does that feel like to walk around on? (Discover)

That’s all I got. I’ll be back with something wordier tomorrow. Until then, I don’t know if any of us will ever recover.

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