>Sunday Links

>Some possibly enjoyable links after a relatively blah Father’s Day game.


Wonder why Johan is struggling? Maybe it’s because Santana is having trouble putting hitters away with strike 3. (ESPN New York)

This made me laugh: Elmer Dessens is on the low BABIP train. (Amazin’ Avenue)

Bernie Brewer — as in the Milwaukee mascot, Bernie Brewer — was once accused of stealing signs. (Wezen-ball)

Uncomfortably warm baseball players are more likely to throw baseballs at other players in a not so nice way. (Discover)

Tom Fesolowich, who captains the New York Mutuals, a “base ball” team that plays under 1864 rules, talks to New York Magazine.

Sharks or Dinosaurs, and something else:

Researchers have found the oldest known mammalian gnaw marks on a dinosaur bone. My dog, also a mammal, sticks primarily to cow bones. (Discover)

Someone created a Netflix application that adds every Nic Cage movie to your NetFlix cue with one click. It’s called CageFlix. Why didn’t this exist already? (via Hacking NetFlix)

That’s all the links I got for now. Tigers and Twins coming up for the Mets.

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