>Come See Bloggers in Something Resembling Real Life!

>Come on down this Thursday, 7 p.m., to River in Hell’s Kitchen (500 West 43rd St., at 10th Avenue) for the Blue and Orange Open Mic. Per Blue and Orange:

Though the vitals are the same as December’s Hot Stove Huddle, this gathering will be different. There’s an actual baseball game to talk about! We’ll be watching the Mets take on the Nationals, in the finale of their eight-game road trip. There will be beers, cheers, uh,  jeers — and most importantly, a live microphone.

So if you’re in the area, come on down. I’ll be there, other Mets bloggers you actually like will be there, so come say hello, tell me how awful and unfunny I am, explain to me how I’m wrong about the merits of Gary Matthews Jr., ask me to marry you, whatever . . . not that any of you will recognize me to do this, because you don’t know what I look like, but maybe I’ll wear a name tag or something. Probably not.

Just come and get out of your mother’s basement for a while. Go hang out in a bar, watch the Mets, yell at the people on the TV in funny uniforms.

Facebook event page is here.

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