>20 Inning Sunday Stuff to Read

>Links for the morning after 20-innings of baseball that nearly killed my father.

First, Amazin’ Avenue’s recap of the game is tremendous. Eric Simon lists 20 nuggets about the game, and Howard Megdal provides an epic poem for an epic game.

K-Rod reportedly threw 100 warmup pitches before coming into the game in the 19th inning.

Not Mets related, but Joe Posnanski on home run trots.

Adam Wainwright starts for the Cardinals tonight. Will Leitch points out the drastically different paths the two teams have taken since 2006.

Adam Rubin points out that had Jerry Manuel managed yesterday’s game as Tony LaRussa had, Manuel would probably be out of a job. On the other hand, I do think it’s worth pointing out that it took the Mets 3 innings to defeat the POSITION PLAYERS pitching for the Cardinals.

Oh yeah. Ubaldo Jimenez threw a no-hitter or something.


Don’t forget to mail in your Census form.

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  1. Sanpete

    >one of the greatest SNL episodes ever… this episode also had the Star Wars audition out takes… great stuff…

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